un festival d’exception dédié au piano: 

une expérience musicale unique

au coeur des Corbières

vingt concerts gratuits, des pianistes de qualité,

dans un des plus beaux villages de France


Tucked into the heart of the Corbières in southern France, Lagrasse attracts an extraordinary variety of residents, complementing its salt-of-the-earth locals. The tiny population of 600 people live in this mediaeval listed village surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, its backdrop dominated by an 8th century working Abbey. Situated in a valley surrounded by Mediterranean hillsides full of rosemary, thyme and cypress trees, the river Orbieu meandering through the village, Lagrasse attracts thousands of visitors each year, some of whom never leave, falling in love with this picture-postcard example of rural France and changing their lives to allow them to pursue their dream. 


Lagrasse is one of those ‘centres of the universe’; you can be drinking in a bar in LA and meet someone who’s been to Lagrasse; Manhattan is full of Lagrasse lovers; from Nepal to Cape Town, Moscow to Rio de Janeiro, visitors come from all over the world, attracted by that intangible ‘pull’ that Lagrasse quietly exerts.


Due to a last minute cancellation,

Beverly Smart’s lovely studio, Le Studio Blanc, is available for the duration of the festival, at €70 a night.

You can contact Beverly on 04 68 43 12 40 or via e-mail on smartgirlfr9@gmail.com



we thank our corporate sponsors and supporters - nous tenons à remercier nos parrains et mécènes